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We hope that the pages below will be helpful to find all the information you might wish about France, the French and the French Language.
Some pages might be not too "serious" but all of them will give either useful hints and tips, inform you about do's and don'ts or answer some of your questions.
The links will lead you to really great sites but also to some minor ones (which, by the why, are often more than interesting).
There are - fortunately - more and more sites on the Web with French related subjects.
The choice of the sites is subjective and almost at random, but those we have chosen found all our interest or admiration! 
We are still collecting. If you know a good or cool one please let us know ... and be so kind to report dead links!
  Going Places 
      Bienvenue, and ... let's take off immediately to our virtual journey. Let's explore together the Net and discover Provence and the French Riviera. We will go to quiet places, hidden marvels and will also get stuck on some "race tracks" for tourists (and why not? Can be quite amusing - sometimes!)
      We will learn about France, the French people, the French language. We'll see why France is one of the most visited countries on the globe and why the Germans have a saying like "Leben wie Gott in Frankreich".
We will speak about history, philosophy, linguistics (applied!) and ... French Cooking, French Wine and French Cheese!  And ...?  ...?
Yes! Too! Sometimes - a bit - when it's necessary - in the context! ;-)
  French Resources on the Web 
      A set of links and a collection of sites on the Internet dealing especially with French Language and culture. Most of them can be helpful for French learners and French teachers as well.
Whether you are looking for on-line dictionaries and thesauri (French - English - German) or for free on-line courses to improve your language skills and refresh your memory or just to test your French and to know if you are complete beginner, quite fluent or somewhere in between ....,
whether you want to find out about your learning style or want to knw more about foreign language learning ...
you'll find for sure something useful and adequate. If not, please tell/ask us what you were looking for!